Take a new step, continue to write new glory


On October 28, 2019, China Unicom Jiangxi Branch and Dongfang Guangshi held a strategic cooperation pilot signing ceremony at the headquarters of Jiangxi Unicom. The representatives and senior executives witnessed and signed the signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony will be the beginning of mutual complementarity, information sharing and mutual benefit. It is the company of Guangdong Guangshi and China Unicom Guangdong Branch, Zhejiang Branch, Guizhou Branch, Yunnan Branch and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Since the cooperation of the branch, it has cooperated with the branch of Jiangxi Province.

The two sides will integrate resources in technology, products, channels, services, etc., and build a new platform and mechanism for cooperation and development between the two sides. In-depth cooperation in technology and standards research, network construction and operation and maintenance, industrial chain building, market expansion, etc. Exchange, enhance the level and level of strategic synergy, enhance the ability to innovate, and achieve a new leap in strategic development.

The launch of the pilot project of Jiangxi Branch indicates that Dongfang Guangshi has taken a new step in the business areas of broadband access construction and services, digital interactive video, etc., and has far-reaching strategic significance; it marks the standing of China Unicom in China Guangtong On the shoulders of the giants, they further climbed into the distance and won a broader development space. On the map of the cooperation between China Guangtong and China Unicom, there was another small red flag, which provided "Digital and interactive video for communication operators". The development of the intelligent transmission platform has added a lot of color.

OVTseizes the opportunity and will continuously enhance the strength of scientific and technological innovation.

The cooperation between the two parties will add a bright landscape of strong cooperation and win-win cooperation in the field of fast-developing digital interactive video business!